A Letter…

Letter to Our Granddaughter

We live with a Granddaughter that was almost brutally murdered, that is how I look at it. A person shook my Granddaughter almost to death.

I don't know why this person did this, I may never know, but in an instant - Hannah's life and all of her families' lives had been changed forever, the Hannah we knew and loved died on November 7th, 2001.

Now we live with a different Hannah, one who looks like our Granddaughter, but is a different person inside. One who needs lots of care and Love. Our "new" Hannah is forever trapped in a semi-functional body with only a portion of her brain. The portion of her brain that remains, has had its prior memories completely erased by the thoughtless acts of the person that committed this crime. Hannah must now learn how to function again, and cope with a permanent disability.

The person who did this, needs to be punished and never be able to have the opportunity to do this to a child again - ever. Parents are supposed to protect their children and when they don't, it's devastating. I pray that we all get through this – every day is a struggle.

My love for you is forever; you have touched my heart, my only Granddaughter.

You came into our lives as a blessing, a beautiful girl.

How I looked forward to loving you and kissing you.

Our sweet little Hannah, how could I know that he would hurt you so bad.

I blame myself for not protecting you.

I think of how scared you were when it happened.

Did you wonder why you were not getting Grandpas soft kisses instead of being violently shaken.

How long did you cry for the people that were responsible for your protection?

Some days I can barely stand to think about these things.

I thank God that I still have your sweet lips to kiss and soft cheeks to caress, I thank God for your father and new mother, because without them I don't think I would have gotten through this horror. When the doctor's told me your prognosis, for a moment I didn't want to live with the pain of your pain, I was so sorry, I prayed for your forgiveness, I screamed inside - over and over again - "Grandpa is so sorry".

I pray for your healing everyday, I pray for you to giggle and smile all the time like you once did.

I will love you forever no matter what you can do, what you can't do, what you can't understand.

I will love you no matter how you limp and struggle, I will love you no matter what kind of care you will need.

I am your Grandpa and no one will ever hurt you again, my little Hannah!

Loving you for the rest of my life,

Your Grandpa – PoPo
September 5, 2002